Volume & Issue: Volume 16, Issue 1, Winter 2017 
3. Fabrication and in vitro evaluation of Ketotifen Fumarate-loaded PLGA nanoparticles as a sustained delivery system

Pages 22-34

Mitra Jelvehgari; saieede soltani; parvin milani; mohammad barzegar jalali

4. Doxorubicin Loaded DNA Aptamer Linked Myristilated Chitosan Nanogel for Targeted Drug Delivery to Prostate Cancer

Pages 35-49

Mehrdad Hashemi; Fereshteh Atabi; Seyed Latif Mousavi Gargari; Parichehreh Yaghmaei

6. Synthesis and Characterization of Biodegradable Semi-Interpenetrating Polymer Networks Based on Star-Shaped Copolymers of ɛ-Caprolactone and Lactide

Pages 63-73

Ali Hossein Rezayan; Negar Firoozi; Somayyeh Kheirjou; Seyed Jamal Tabatabaei Rezaei; Mohammad Reza Nabid

9. Nonionic Surfactants (Dodecyl Maltoside and Polysorbate 20) Effect on Light induced Aggregation and Conformational Changes of Recombinant Human IFNβ_1b

Pages 103-111

mohammad Reza fazeli; Najmeh Mahjoubi; Ahmad Fazeli; Rassoul Dinarvand; mohammad Reza Khoshayand; Maryam Shekarchi

10. Validated Spectrophtometric Method for Simultaneous Determination of Bupernorphine and Naloxone in Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

Pages 112-119

Effat Souri; Farzaneh Sadat Ahmadi; Maliheh Barazandeh Tehrani; Sedighe Fadaye Vatan; Majid Mohammad Hosseini

19. The effect of green tea extract on oxidative stress and spatial learning in Streptozotocin-diabetic rats

Pages 201-209

Mohammad Sharifzadeh; Akram Ranjbar; Asie Hossini; Mahnaz Khanavi

22. Study of crocin & radiotherapy-induced cytotoxicity and apoptosis in the head and neck cancer (HN-5) cell line

Pages 230-237

Seyed Hadi Mousavi; Vahid Vazifedan; Javad Sargolzaee; Shokouhozaman Soleymanifard; Azar Fani Pakdel

23. A Comparison of Hepatocyte Cytotoxic Mechanisms for Docetaxel and PLGA-Docetaxel Nanoparticls

Pages 249-265

Bahram Daraei; Marjan Aghvami; Jalal Pourahmad; Rassoul Dinarvand

24. In vitro pro apoptotic effect of crude saponin from Ophiocoma erinaceus against cervical cancer

Pages 266-276

Elaheh Amini; Mohammad Nabiuni; Javad Baharara; Kazem Parivar; Javad Asili

25. Evaluation of various biological activities of the aerial parts of Scrophularia frigida growing in Iran.

Pages 277-289

Parina Asgharian; Fariba Heshmati Afshar; Solmaz Asnaashari; Farzaneh Lotfipour; Behzad Baradaran; Elmira Zolali; Elhameh Nikkhah; Abbas Delazar

27. Antibacterial Activity Of Isolated Immunodominant Proteins Of Naja Naja (Oxiana) Venom

Pages 297-305

mahboobeh talebi; rasool madani; reza hajihosseini; soheila moradi bidhendi

28. In vitro bioactivity and phytochemical screening of extracts from rhizomes of Eremostachys azerbaijanica rech. f. growing in Iran

Pages 306-314

Solmaz Asnaashari; Abbas Delazar; Parina Asgharian; Farzaneh Lotfipour; Sedigheh Bamdad Moghaddam; Fariba Heshmati Afshar

29. Phytochemicals, antioxidant and antiproliferative properties of Rosmarinus officinalis L on U937 and CaCo-2 cells

Pages 315-327

Yacine Amar; Boumedienne Meddah; Irene Bonacorsi; Gregorio Costa; Gaetana Pezzino; Antonina Saija; Mariateresa/ Cristani; Soulef Boussahel; Guido / Ferlazzo; Aicha Tirtouil Meddah


Pages 328-337

Taghreed A Ibrahim; Atef Ahmed El-Hela; Hala El-Hefnawy; Areej M Al-Taweel; Shagufta Pervin

31. Chemical composition and biological activities of methanolic extract of Scrophularia oxysepala Boiss

Pages 338-346

Ardalan Pasdaran Lashgari; Abbas Delazar; Seyed Abdulmajid Ayatollahi; Arsalan Pasdaran

32. Purification, Characterization and Antioxidant Activities of Enzymolysis Polysaccharide from Grifola frondosa

Pages 347-356

Ting Zhao; Yina Fan; Guanghua Mao; Weiwei Feng; Yanmin Zou; Ye Zou; Liuqing Yang; Xiangyang Wu

33. Homoisoflavonoids and the Antioxidant Activity of Ophiopogon japonicus Root

Pages 357-365

Yancui Wang; Feng Liu; Zongsuo Liang; Liang Peng; Bangqing Wang; Jing Yu; Yingying Su; Cunde Ma

34. Chitin from the mollusc Chiton: Extraction, characterization and chitosan preparation

Pages 366-379

hashem rasti; kazem parivar; javad baharara; mehrdad iranshahi; farideh namvar

35. The effects of transdermal estrogen delivery on bone mineral density in postmenopausal women: A meta-analysis

Pages 380-389

Fatemeh Abdi; hamid mobedi; farhad bayat; nariman mosaffa; mahrokh dolatian; fahimeh ramezani tehrani

36. Infective endocarditis; report from a main referral teaching hospital in Iran

Pages 390-398

Iman Karimzadeh; Behrooz Heydari; Hossein Khalili; Esfandiar Shojaei; Abdolrasool Ebrahimi

38. Effect of inhalation of Lavender essential oil on vital signs in ICU open-heart surgery

Pages 404-409

Armaiti Salamati Sharifabad; Soheyla Mashouf; Faraz Mojab