Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Number 4, Autumn 2006 
3. Effect of Microencapsulation on Photo-Stability of Nifedipine

Pages 239-244

R Dinarvand; Z Kouchakzadeh; SH Moghadam; F Atyabi

5. Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Some New Isatin Derivatives

Pages 249-254

A Patel; S Bari; G Talele; J Patel; M Sarangapani

10. In Vitro Antihelmintic Property of Various Seed Oils

Pages 281-284

SS Jalalpure; KR Alagawadi; CS Mahajanshetty; M Salahuddin; B Shah

11. Antifungal Effect of Echinophora Platyloba' s Extract against Candida albicans

Pages 285-289

M Avijgan; M Hafizi; M Saadat; MA Nilforoushzadeh