Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Supplement 2, Autumn 2004 
7. Ethnoecology of wild mints in Turkey

Pages 3-3

M Ozturk; C Gork; G Gork

11. Herbal medicine in Egypt

Pages 5-6

MY Haggag

18. Traditional system of medicine in Pakistan

Pages 7-8

F Malik; SH Shaikh

23. Ferula gumosa: Study on the phytochemical variability and the occurrence of adulterations

Pages 9-9

G Betti; H Casabianca; M Schmidt; M Thomsen; R Omidbaigi

28. The position of homeopathy in the world

Pages 11-11

A Mazaherinezhad

37. Cytotoxic evaluation of iranian conifer extracts

Pages 14-14

H Sadeghi-aliabadi; A Jafarian; A Emami

41. Phytochemical study of Swertia longifolia (Boiss.)

Pages 15-16

H Hajimehdipoor; A Mariotte; M Dijoux-Franca; Y Amanzadeh; SE Sadat Ebrahimi; M Ghazi Khansari

42. Intersting SAR studies of pregnane alkaloids isolated from genus Sarcococca against cholinesterase enzymes

Pages 16-16

S Anjum; Atta-ur-Rahaman; M Iqbal Choudhary; A Khalid; Zaheer-ul-Haq; F Feroz

45. Development of anti-malaria herbal preparation / drugs from local medicinal plants

Pages 17-17

A Noor Rain; S Khozirah; I Zhari; KL Chan; MJ Siti Najila; Badrul Amini; Rohaya; Rosilawati; AA Muhammad Jamadil; A Adlin; I Zakiah

47. Isoflavonoids isolated from Smirnowia iranica as new antiprotozoal agents

Pages 18-18

M Sairafianpour; O Kayser; J Christensen; M Asfa; M Witt; D Staerk; JW Jaroszewski

61. Researchers and professionals viewpoints on medicinal plant problems in Iran

Pages 23-23

B Bahreininejad; K Bagherzadeh; M Asgarzadeh

63. Three antioxidant phenylethanoid glycosides from the rhizomes of Eremostachys pulvinaris (family: Labiatae)

Pages 23-24

A Delazar; SD Sarker; M Shoeb; Y Kumarasamy; L Nahar; H Nazemyieh

68. TST programme of USTC

Pages 25-26

Nurul Islam

71. Effects of medicinal plants on the Vitiligo

Pages 26-26

M Ahvazi; M Taghizadeh; S Shahnazi

72. Intoduce Bahaodoleh Razi and Kholasato-tajarob

Pages 27-27

MA Araghi; M Esfahani; M Naseri; J Mohammadi

76. Assessment public traditional medicine application barrieres in iran

Pages 28-28

H Hasankhani; F Gol Aghaii; S Khosravi

77. Management of dental ache in Ghanoon

Pages 28-28

L Ghodrati; MA Heidarnia

86. Cancer in ancient iranian medical books

Pages 31-31

S Omidvari; A Montazeri

87. The effect of cupping (hejamat) on blood biochemical and immunological parameters

Pages 31-32

SO Ranaei-siadat; Kheirandish h; Niasari; Z Adibi; K Agin; M Barshan Tashnizi

90. Avicenna and his literary

Pages 32-33

S Taavoni; SJ Mortazavie

91. Jorjanie and Zakhireh Kharazmshahi

Pages 33-33

S Taavoni; F Parsaie

92. Medicine in Zoroastrian School

Pages 33-33

A Alamdari; A Zarifi; S Mohammad Hossaini

93. Survey of using medicinal herbs in Semirom

Pages 33-34

K Bagherzadeh; B Bahreininejad; H Ansari

96. Effect of essential oil and methanolic extract of Myrtus communis on Trichomonas vaginalis

Pages 35-35

F Abdollahy; H Ziaei; B Shabankhani; M Azadbakht

101. Zataria multiflora vaginal cream compared with Clotrimazole vaginal cream in the treatment of Candida vaginitis

Pages 36-37

A Islami; A Ansari; M Kashanian; R Bekhradi; M Akbari; H Akbari; Darabi

102. Effect of intercessory prayer on ferritin and hemoglobin in major thalassemia, Tehran, 2001-2002

Pages 37-37

A Jahangir; Khodaii Sh; M Karbakhsh; F Maftoon; M Shariati

104. The effect of intercessory prayer on quality of life of multiple sclerosis patients

Pages 38-38

A Jahangir; F Maftoon; J Sedighi; M Karbakhsh; F Farzadi; Khodai Sh

106. Efficacy of castor oil for induction and augmentation of labor

Pages 38-39

S Montazeri; P Afshary; H Souri; M Iravani

109. The effect of herbal drugs on neonatal jaundice

Pages 39-40

SH Nabavizadeh; M Nabavi

112. Effects of acupressure on low back pain

Pages 40-41

Z Pouresmail; M Salsali; F Sepahvand

114. Complementary medicine use among Iranian breast cancer

Pages 41-41

A Sajadian; A Montazeri; A Kaviani; M Ebrahi

118. Effect of aqueous ethanol extract of Hypericum perforatum on naloxane-precipitated opium withdrawal syndrom

Pages 42-43

F Subhan; M Khan; M Ibrar; Nazar-ul-Islam; AH Gilani; A Khan

122. Ethnopharmacological evaluation of antisplasmodic activity of essential oils from different plants

Pages 44-44

Q Jabeen; A Ghufran; SF Khan; A Hotchand; AH Gilani; VU Ahmad; A Ahmed; M Rasheed

124. Effect of Glycyrrhiza glabra extract on wound tensile strength in albino rats

Pages 44-44

M Jarrahi; AA Vafaei; H Miladi-Gorgi; A Taherian

127. Acute toxicity of galega officinalis alcoholic extract in wistar rats

Pages 45-45

H Rasekh; I Hoseinzadeh; P Nazari; M Kamalinejad

131. Effect of propolis on wound healing in albino rats

Pages 46-46

M Jarrahi; HA Safakhah; AA Vafaei

135. Evaluation of Okra gum as a binder in tablet dosage forms

Pages 47-47

N Tavakoli; N Ghasemi; Taimouri; H Hamishehkar

137. Evaluation of sun protection activity of some medicinal herbs extracts

Pages 48-48

P Khazaeli; M Mehrabani; A Abedini; M Magd Zadeh

140. Nitric oxide and the bioactivities

Pages 49-49

MA Aboutabl

142. Effects of walnut on serum lipids and lipoproteins in girls

Pages 50-50

A Alibabae; H Tavakoli; M Sabermoghaddam; M Khosravi; M Ashtiani

143. The hypoglycemic effect of Citrullus colocynth in normal rats

Pages 50-50

M Salami; Z Aqanouri; M Karimian; M Enshai

152. Anti-nociceptive and anti-inflamatory activity of olive fruit extract

Pages 53-53

M Faizi; B Shafaghi; M Kamali nejad; S Sahranavard

156. Presence of cholinomimetic and calcium channel blocking constituents in Carthamus oxycantha

Pages 54-54

AH Gilani; IA Bukhari; R Alam Khan; Arif-ullah Khan; Farman-ullah Jan; VU Ahmad

161. Anti-inflammatory activity of aerial part of Stachys byzanthina C.Koch.

Pages 55-56

M Khanavi; M Sharifzadeh; A Hadjiakhoondi; A Shafiee

165. Investigation of anxiolytic effects of the aqueous extract of Portulaca oleracea in mice

Pages 57-57

H Miladi-Gorgi; AA Vafaei; A Rashidy-Pour; AA Taherian; M Jarrahi; M Emami-Abargoie

167. Green tea extract formulation may promote wound healing

Pages 57-58

A Moghbel; AA Hemmati; H Agheli; N Aghel; F Rahimzadeh; M Kavand

174. The Study of Hypericum perforatum extract on wound healing in rabbit

Pages 59-60

S Sarahroodi; P Mikaili; AA Hemmati; M Jafari

177. Immunological effects of Teucrium polium on neutrophils

Pages 61-61

Z Sharifian; M Vodgani; J Hajati pour; M Kamalinejad

181. Behavioral effect of naloxone on anxiolytic- like effect of noscapine in bulb/c mice

Pages 62-62

T Mobasheri; P Rostami; M Mahmoudian; S Vazirifard

183. The study of analgesic effect of licorice root extract in rat

Pages 62-62

P Zareian; S Esmaeli Mahani; M Taherian Fard; R Esmi Jahromy

185. Iranian endemic phanerogams

Pages 62-63

SA Emami; F Aghazari

188. Review on the ethnobotany of Labiatae family in Iran

Pages 64-64

AB Ghorbani; S Mohammadi

189. Determination of the exact scientific name of medicinal plants used in Iranian traditional medicine

Pages 64-64

H Komeilizadeh; M Kamalinejad; M Esfahani; M Naseri; H Mohammadi; E Shajari; S Saremi; H Arefierad; Shahnori Sh; M Rozbeh; M Ashrafi

191. The seaweeds of Iran

Pages 65-65

BM Gharanjik

198. Antimicrobial effects of five Iranian popular medicinal plants on some intestinal bacteria

Pages 67-67

MR Fazeli; Amin Gh; MM Ahmadian Attari; H Ashtiani; H Jamalifar

201. Cytotoxic effect of some indigenous Iranian plants

Pages 68-68

M Mosaddegh; N Moazzami; F Naghibi; M Hamzelo-Moghaddam

202. Composition and antifungal activity of peppermint (Mentha piperita) essential oil

Pages 68-69

M Farshbaf Moghaddam; R Omidbaigi; VM Pourbaig; A Ghaemi

203. Evaluation of some Iranian plants for in vitro antiplasmodial activitie

Pages 69-69

F Naghibi; M Mosaddegh; MH Feizhaddad; CW Wright; R Phillips; AD Sharifabadi

204. Potent in vivo anti-malaria activity of Goniothalamin against rodent malaria parasite infection in mice

Pages 69-69

MY Noor Azian; A Noor Rain; S Khozirah; S Lokman Hakim; ECL Gwendoline

206. Cytotoxic activity of in vitro cultures of Linum spp.

Pages 70-70

R Rahimi; Z Amirghofran; A Mohagheghzadeh

208. Quantitative study of ascorbic acid in some of Persian Rose species

Pages 70-71

Amin Gh; Z Ghafari Azar; T Asgari

213. Antiviral activity of root extracts from Tagetes minuta against Herpes simplex virus (HSV-1)

Pages 72-72

A Ghaemi; H Soleimanjahi; M Farsbaf Mogahddam; R Omidbaigi; MVM Pourbaig

214. Evaluation antiviral activity of aerial parts extracts of Echinacea purpurea from Iran against HSV-1

Pages 72-72

H Soleimanjahi; A Ghaemi; T Bamdad; M Farsbaf Mogahddam; S Zahedi; GR Goudarzi; M Goudarzi

215. Trypanocidal activity of some endemic species of Satureja in Iran

Pages 72-73

AR Gohari; S Saeidnia; F Kiuchi; G Honda

216. Inhibitory effects of alcoholic extracts of thyme on verotoxin pruduction of entro heorrhagic Escherichia coli o157:h7

Pages 73-73

M Guodarzi; M Sattari; M Bigdeli; Najar Pyrayeh Sh; Goudarzi Gh; A Ghaemi

217. Anti-cancer compound from medicinal mushrooms

Pages 73-73

A Hamedi; F Ghanati

218. Cytotoxic activity and aryltetraline lignans of Linum persicum Kotschy ex Boiss.

Pages 74-74

K Javidnia; R Miri; H Rezai; A Jafari; A Azarmehr; Z Amirghofran

219. Antibacterial activity of Pentanema divaricata ethanol extract and its fractions

Pages 74-74

G Kamalinia; A Moosivand; S Shahverdi; HR Monsef; F Attar; Zarrini Gh; AR Shahverdi

220. The effect of olive extract on human neutrophils

Pages 74-74

M Mahmodian; N Rahbar Roshandel; M Kamalinejad; MH Pourmand; F Kazemiforouz

221. Evaluation of the antimicrobial effects of extract of Zataria multiflora against oral Streptococci

Pages 74-75

P Owlia; H Pirveicy; H Saderi; MB Rezvani; S Mansouri

223. Antimicrobial essential oils of Bunium elegans and Bunium caroides

Pages 75-75

M Mehrdad; M Myrzaiyan; M Soleimani; AR Jassbi

224. Cytotoxicity and antimicrobial assessment of Euphorbia hebecarpa

Pages 75-75

K Javidnia; R Miri; Z Amirghofran; A Jafari; Z Amoozegar

225. Antioxidant and antimicrobial medicinal plants from Iran

Pages 75-76

M Mirzaeian; M Soleimani; A Barghamadi; M Zebardast; Z Mahdipour; F Eghtesadi; B Taiary Kalajahi; M Mehrdad; AR Jassbi

227. Investigation of cytotoxic activity for Achillea talagonica and A. tenuifolia

Pages 76-76

F Moradi; F Lotfi Maldar; S Saeidnia; AR Gohari

228. Comparison antibacterial activity of Quercus persica and Quercus ilex

Pages 76-77

M Teimouri; S Korori; F Moraghebi; M Matinizadeh

229. Study of antibacterial effects of Anvillea garcini occurring in south of Iran

Pages 77-77

T Naji; A Rustaiyan; M Atarpor; M Behnam

230. Determination of antioxidant constituents in the herb Cissus quadrangularis Linn.

Pages 77-77

C Patarapanich; J Thiangtham; E Saifah; S Laungchonlatan; W Janthasoot

231. Antimicrobial activity of different extracts of Centaurea depressa

Pages 77-78

F Pourmorad; N Shahabi; S Honary; S Saeidnia; S Freidouni; M Moazzeni

235. Antifungal activity of Peganum harmala seeds extract in vitro

Pages 79-79

M Shafiei; M Kayhani; H-R Nikpay; P Mostafaei-Rad

236. Antioxidant screening of some medicinal plants of Iran

Pages 79-79

N Shahabimajd; F Pourmorad; SJ Hosseinimehr; K Shahrbandi; R Hosseinzadeh

240. The antioxidant activity of polyphenolic fraction of Thymus daenensis Celak.

Pages 80-81

SE Sajjadi; Naderi Gh; R Ziaii; B Zolfaghari

241. Inhibitory effect of Zizyphus extract on fungal infection

Pages 81-81

K Zomorodian; F Saadat; F Zaini; B Tarazooie; S Rezaie

242. Phytochemical and antibacterial study on native plants of Taleghan

Pages 81-81

Azad University; Faculty of Pharmacy; Tehran; Iran

250. Chemical composition of essential oil Tagetes minuta from Iran

Pages 83-84

M Farshbaf Moghaddam; R Omidbeigi; F Sefidkon

252. Root cultures of Linum spp. (section Syllinum) as a source of 6-methoxypodopyllotoxin

Pages 84-84

A Mohagheghzadeh; A Gholami; TJ Schmidt; AW Alfermann

253. Biotransformation of AD and ADD using Nostoc muscorum

Pages 84-85

M Tabatabei Yazdi; MA Faramarzi; H Ghostinroudi; M Amini; Y Ghasemi

258. Purification and identification of 10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid from pure royal jelly

Pages 86-86

S Honary; P Ebrahimi; Changizi Sh; Z Nozadi

260. Phytoestrogens: recent developments

Pages 86-87

B Jamali; B Nickavar

263. Callus culture of Echium amoenum Fisch. & Mey. and its major secondary metabolite

Pages 87-88

M Mehrabani; MR Shams-Ardakani; N Ghassemi; E Sajjadi; A Ghannadi

264. Essential oil of Galium verum L. from Iran

Pages 88-88

M Mirza; M Najafpour Navaei; M Dini

265. Volatile constituents of Jasminum humile L.

Pages 88-88

M Mirza; Z Baher Nik

269. Honeybee: The flying pharmacist

Pages 89-89

M Saberi Najafabadi; MA Tahmasebi

274. Two new isoquinolone Alkaloids from Sauropus hirsutus

Pages 91-91

E Saifah; T Lohakul; R Suttisri; I Mondranondra