Retrospective study of skin neurofibromatosis (SN) of twenty years period (1991 -2000) in 4 Iranian pathology centers



The present study was designed to assess the frequency and stage of skin neurofibroma in the samples of patients with age, gender and biopsy locations. Data obtained from annual record files of four different pathology centers with considering factors of diagnosis, age, and gender and biopsy location, examined for statistical difference. Each diagnosis has been coded by ICD method. Statistical examination has been done in 4186 samples of skin related to 52907 cases. The results of this experiment showed that SN distributed in 52.9% of male cases and 47.1% of female cases and among all cases, trunk was the most common site of biopsy with 691 cases (24.7%). 632 cases (22.6%) were in face and 438 cases (15.8%) were in head & neck. Three samples (5.3%) were taken from the eyelids, 9 (15.8%) were taken from the faces, 11(19.3%) were taken from the heads and necks, 9 (15.8%) were taken from the trunks, 9 (15.8%) were taken from the upper limbs, and 19 samples (28.1%) were taken from the lower limbs showed neurofibroma. In addition, among all cases, the third decades of life was the most common time of SN appearance with 860 cases (21.7%). 648 cases (16.4%) were in 4th decade & 592 cases (14.9%) were in 5th decade. These results may indicate that we should work more about (SN) and its effects on our life story.