Functional role of GABA in the nervous system under impact of testosterone-propionate in different seasons



The contents of GABA, glutamine (Glu) and asparagine (Asp) acids as well as activities of glutamatdecarboxylase (GDK; CF and 4-aminobutirat: 2-oxoglutarataminotransferase (GABA-T: CF in brain cortex, cerebellum, brainstem and hypothalamus under impact of testosterone propionate at a dose of 5 mg/100 g of alive weight of adult albino male rats in spring and autumn were studied. It was revealed that under effect of testosterone-propionate at a dose of 5 mg/100 g of alive weight in tissues and mitochondrial fractions of studied brain structures the level of components of GABA system (GABA, GDC and GABA-T) and Glu and Asp contents in different seasons (spring and autumn) decreases. These changes are more prominent in spring period than in autumn.