Preclinical evaluation of 68Ga-MAA from commercial available 99mTc-MAA kit

Document Type : Research article


1 Radiation Application Research School, Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute (NSTRI), Tehran, Iran.

2 Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Science, Iran.

3 Research Center for Nuclear Medicine, Shariati Hospital, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.

4 Clinic of Nuclear Medicine, University Medical Centre Mainz, Langenbeckstrasse 1, D-55131 Mainz, Germany


99mTc-Macroaggregated Albumin (99mTc-MAA) has been used as a perfusion agent. This study described development of the 68Ga-MAA via commercially available kits from Pars-Isotopes Company as a 99mTc-MAA kit. 68Ge/68Ga generator was eluted with suprapure HCl (0.6 M, 6 mL) in 0.5 mL fractions. The two fractions with the highest 68GaCl3 activity were generally used for labeling purposes. After labeling, the final product was centrifuged 2 times to purify the solution. Five rats were sacrificed at each exact time interval (from 15 minutes to 2 hours post injection) and the percentage of injected dose per gram (%ID/g) of each organ was measured by direct counting from 11 harvested organs of rats. The RTLC showed that labeling yields before centrifuges were 90% and 95% for Pars-Isotopes and GE kits, respectively and after centrifuges, they became 100%. The microscopic size examination showed a shift in the particle sizes post centrifuges and the biodistribution data revealed the efficiency and benefits of centrifuges in terms of preventing the of liver and bone marrow uptakes especially for Pars-Isotopes kits. Our results showed that after centrifuges of the final product, the lung uptakes increased from 89% to more than 97% of %ID/g after 5 min post injections. The whole procedure took less than 25 min from elution to the final product. Since 99mTc-MAA remained longer than 68Ga-MAA in the lung and 68Ga-MAA showed better image qualities, using 68Ga-MAA is recommended.


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