Effect of crude Venom of Odonthobuthus doriae scorpion in cell culture using ion channel modulators

Document Type: Research article


1 Tehran university of medical sciences

2 AJA university of medical sciences

3 Razi Institute

4 Shahid Beheshti university of medical science

5 tehran university of medical sciences


Scorpion venom toxicity is one of the major medical concerns from old years, due to its influence on human activities and health. From many years ago a lot of researches established to examine different aspects of venom toxicity and its effects on different organs. During these years researchers are doing more specific studies on the cytotoxicity of scorpion venom. In Iran, Odonthobuthus doriae, the yellow scorpion is one of the major threats based on its neuro toxicity and severe pathophysiologic effects and researchers tried to find the mechanism of these neuro toxic effects. The previous studies have shown that in isolated organs the yellow scorpion venom is affecting the ion channels. Also some studies showed that this venom has severe cytotoxic effects on the cell lines with many ion channels like nerve cell lines.
In this study the cytotoxic effect of the crude venom of O.doriae on the 1321N1 cell line (cancerous nerve cells). primary cell cultured investigated in the presence of different ion channel blockers: Ouabain (1mmol as Na channel blocker), Verapamil (10μmol/l as Ca channel blocker), TEA (40mmol as K channel blocker) by MTT method. The result showed that the O.doriae crude venom has cytotoxic effect via Na channels.


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