The effect of HHKV and TCTN1 extracts on malonyl dialdehyde (MDA) level of the brain



The present research was conducted on 170 rats dividing into two groups. One group received HHKV extract at a dose of 2 g/kg/day continuously for 14 days. The other group received TCTN1 extract at a dose of 3 g/kg/day for 30 days. After 14 and 30 days of experiment, a half of each group received an electrical shock and the remainder didn't receive such treatment Malonyl dialdehyd (MDA) of rat’s ground brain was determined using Jadwiga Robax method. Obtained results showed that two above-mentioned extracts have inhibiting effects on lipid peroxidation in the rat brain. Thus, treated rats showed a higher endurance with electrical shock in comparison with rats receiving only Giloba and water.