Modelface: an application programming interface (API) for homology modeling studies using Modeller software

Document Type : Research article


1 shiraz university of medical sciences

2 School of Advanced Medical Sciences and Technologies, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences Shiraz, Iran.


An interactive application, Modelface, was presented for Modeller software based on windows platform. The application is able to run all steps of homology modeling including pdb to fasta generation, running clustal, model building and loop refinement. Other modules of modeler including energy calculation, energy minimization and the ability to make single point mutations in the PDB structures are also implemented inside Modelface. The API is a simple batch based application with no memory occupation and is free of charge for academic use. The application is also able to repair missing atom types in the PDB structures making it suitable for many molecular modeling studies such as docking and molecular dynamic simulation. Some successful instances of modeling studies using Modelface are also reported.


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