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1. CB2 Agonist (AM1241) Improving Effect on Ovalbumin-Induced Asthma in Rats

Volume 19, Issue 1, Winter 2020, Pages 3-17

Ali PARLAR; Seyfullah ARSLAN

3. Different Gene Expressions of Alpha and Beta Glucocorticoid Receptors in Asthmatics

Volume 17, Issue 2, Spring 2018, Pages 790-800

Kayvan Saeedfar; Mehrdad Behmanesh; Esmaeil Mortaz; Mohammad Masjedi

4. A Pilot Study of Polymorphism of Adrenergic Beta-2 Receptor and Mild Asthma: A Clinical and Pharmacogenetic Study

Volume 12, Issue 1, Winter 2013, Pages 199-204

Parisa Adimi Naghan; Fanak Fahimi; Seyed Alireza Nadji; Nima Naderi; Fatemeh Soleimani; Mohammad Reza Masjedi

6. Practice Appointment Rates for High-risk Asthmatics: What could be the Predictor(s)?

Volume 3, Number 1, Winter 2004, Pages 29-34

J Salamzadeh; ICK Wong; H Chrystyn

7. A Logistic Regression Analysis of Predictors for Asthma Hospital Re-admissions

Volume 2, Number 1, Winter 2003, Pages 5-9

J Salamzadeh; ICK Wong; HSR Hosker; H Chrystyn