Keywords = A549 cells
Number of Articles: 3
1. Comparative of in vitro evaluation between erlotinib loaded Nanostructured lipid carriers and liposomes against A549 lung cancer cell line

Volume 18, Issue 3, Summer 2019, Pages 1168-1179

Fereydoon Abedi-Gaballu; Soheil Abbaspour-Ravasjani; Behzad Mansoori; Reza Yekta; Hamed Hamishehkar; Ali Mohammadi; Gholamreza Dehghan; Behrooz Shokouhi; Shaho Ghahremani Dehbokri; Behzad Baradaran

2. Edaravone Decreases Paraquat Toxicity in A549 Cells and Lung Isolated Mitochondria

Volume 13, Issue 2, Spring 2014, Pages 675-681

Mohammad Shokrzadeh; Fatemeh Shaki; Ebrahim Mohammadi; Neda Rezagholizadeh; Fatemeh Ebrahimi

3. Modulation of cellular transport characteristics of the human lung alveolar epithelia

Volume 5, Number 3, Summer 2006, Pages 163-171

J Barar; A Maleki; Y Omidi