Keywords = Central Nervous System
Number of Articles: 4
1. Response Surface Study on Molecular Docking Simulations of Citalopram and Donepezil as Potent CNS Drugs

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 25 September 2020

Radin Alikhani; Ahmad Ebadi; Pari Karami; Sara Shahanipour; Nima Razzaghi-Asl

2. Administration of Vancomycin at High Doses in Patients with Post Neurosurgical Meningitis: A Comprehensive Comparison between Continuous Infusion and Intermittent Infusion

Volume 17, Special Issue 2, Autumn 2018, Pages 195-205

Morteza Taheri; Simin Dadashzadeh; Shervin Shokouhi; Kaveh Ebrahimzadeh; Masoumeh Sadeghi; Zahra Sahraei

3. The Efficacy of Gabapentin in Patients with Central Post-stroke Pain

Volume 14, supplement, Winter 2015, Pages 95-101

Omid Hesami; Kurosh Gharagozli; Nahid Beladimoghadam; Farhad Assarzadegan; Behnam Mansouri; Mohammad Sistanizad

4. Amitraz Poisoning Treatment: Still Supportive?

Volume 10, Number 1, Winter 2011, Pages 155-158

Nastaran Eizadi-Mood; Ali M Sabzghabaee; Farzad Gheshlaghi; Ahmad Yaraghi