Author = Bahram Daraei
Number of Articles: 8
1. Approaches for the Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 Infection: A Pharmacologic View and Literature Review

Volume 19, Issue 3, Summer 2020, Pages 258-281

Hajar Mohammadi Barzelighi; Bahram Daraei; Farzaneh Dastan

2. Validation of an UHPLC-MS/MS method for simultaneous analysis of 11 mycotoxins in wheat flour Using Immunoaffinity column

Volume 18, Special Issue, Autumn 2019, Pages 182-189

Ghasem Haydari; Seyed Jamal Hashemi Hazaveh; Bahram Daraei; Mansour Bayat

3. Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Peptide-Like Analogues as Selective COX-2 Inhibitors

Volume 17, Issue 1, Winter 2018, Pages 87-92

Mohammad Ali Ahmaditaba; Mohammad Hassan Houshdar Tehrani; Afshin Zarghi; Soraya Shahhosseini; Bahram Daraei

4. A Comparison of Hepatocyte Cytotoxic Mechanisms for Docetaxel and PLGA-Docetaxel Nanoparticls

Volume 16, Issue 1, Winter 2017, Pages 249-265

Bahram Daraei; Marjan Aghvami; Jalal Pourahmad; Rassoul Dinarvand

5. Preparation and Characterization of Rivastigmine Transdermal Patch Based on Chitosan Microparticles

Volume 15, Issue 3, Summer 2016, Pages 283-294

Mohsen Sadeghi; Fariba Ganji; Seyyed Mojtaba Taghizadeh; Bahram Daraei

6. Simultaneous Determination of Six Benzodiazepines in Spiked Soft Drinks by High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Ultra Violet Detection (HPLC-UV)

Volume 15, Issue 2, Spring 2016, Pages 457-463

Bahram Daraei; kambiz Soltaninejad; Mohammad Karimi; Alireza Nateghi

7. Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of new 1,4-Dihydropyridine (DHP) Derivatives as Selective Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibitors

Volume 14, Issue 4, Autumn 2015, Pages 1087-1093

Afshin Zarghi; Iman Sabakhi; Vigen Topuzyan; Zahra Hajimahdi; Bahram Daraei; Hadi Arefi

8. Cytotoxic Effect of Iranian Vipera Lebetina snake Venom on HUVEC Cells

Volume 14, supplement, Winter 2015, Pages 109-114

Maryam Kakanj; Hossein Vatanpour; Mahmoud Ghazi-Khansari; Abbas Zare Mirakabadi; Bahram Daraei