Author = Maryam Jahandideh
Number of Articles: 2
1. Evaluation of the Wound Healing Activity of a Traditional Compound Herbal Product Using Rat Excision Wound Model

Volume 16, Special Issue, Winter 2017, Pages 153-163

maryam Jahandideh; Homa Hajimehdipoor; Seyed Alireza Mortazavi; Ahmadreza Dehpour; Gholamreza Hassanzadeh

2. A Wound Healing Formulation Based on Iranian Traditional Medicine and Its HPTLC Fingerprint

Volume 15, Special Issue, Winter 2016, Pages 149-157

Maryam Jahandideh; Homa Hajimehdipoor; Seyed alireza Mortazavi; Ahmadreza dehpour; Gholamreza Hassanzadeh